The Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Fall 2021

As your design experts, we like to put ourselves through the work so you don’t have to. Earlier this summer, we attended High Point Market in North Carolina- the biggest furniture show in the world. We search the globe for the best and most innovative design products for our client’s projects. These events allow us to discover new brands and select unique product for our upcoming projects. We also product test those items we’ve been eyeing up online so that we see all the details first hand. You can’t expect a designer to head to a show like this without taking note of the latest and greatest trends. So let’s dive in!


1. Burled Wood

Wood finishes continue to be unusual, abstract, and edgy. 



Organic materials have been growing in popularity over the past few years, stones, caning, grasses-  unique materials are holding strong. Some may be more exciting than others when it comes to this returning trend. Making its comeback from its peak moment in the 1970’s, burled wood is playing a big role on chests, dressers and nightstands. It can even be found on various decor pieces like picture frames. With its moody tones- cognac, amber, and cinnamon, the naturally swirled pattern brings visual interest to a classic backdrop. We know this trend might not appeal to everyone, but just imagine that burled wood sideboard against your trendy white walls! We love the unique grain and colour burled wood brings to our projects; it’s eye catching without being too demanding on the room. We’re standing by this one.


2. Not Your Average Bamboo

Unexpected material combinations take traditional to new heights.  


Natural materials mixed with metal.


We love to mix textures and materials when it comes to decorating, why not incorporate this design tactic when it comes to our furniture items as well? We have seen natural fibres used in interior design for decades now, recently making their way from beach houses and into the home. Wicker, rattan and bamboo have been adding a sophisticated, bohemian addition to the lighting category of home decor over the past few years and we dont see it leaving anytime soon. Although cute, we are getting a little bored of the single material look, so it’s time to spice things up. Bamboo and metal have made a hot take at the market this spring; this unexpected mix of textures is unified through traditional design on the lamp and lighting fixtures and ware here for it. Obviously, we’re not going to switch out all of our lights in the house for these, but add a vintage, masculine touch? sure we will! Lighting fixtures are a flexible way to switch up your home decor. Even if the trend isn’t around forever, it’s going to make some beautiful vintage pieces one day.


3. Less is More With Leather

Soft tones complement wood grains for an elevated look.



Good leather might just be the trademark of effortless sophistication. Creating a full-sensory experience brings life to a room; how something feels is just as important as how it looks. But forget your old black leather armchair and try bringing in creamy hues through detailing. Large upholstered leather pieces are taking a step back for a smaller leather moment. The clean upholstering is chic and timeless, and now we are beginning to see it covering the faces of drawers and cabinets paired with elevated hardware. You can still expect to see the warm cognac and or bronze items as well but were talking pieces that offer a fresh take on the classic element.


4. Big Bold Forms

Unique shapes to get the conversation started.



Say goodbye to the boxy shapes of the previous trends and hello to something a little bolder. Embracing architectural form, sculptural shapes can be found in objects like side tables, vases and armchairs. Sometimes all it takes is one strong piece to dress up a tailored back room and it all together. Classical substrates like marble sculpted into sleek accent pieces; these playful proportions bring life to a purely sculptural element. If you’re not one to choose edgy pieces, we recommend one solid statement piece to give your room some spice.

One word of advice as we wrapped up our trip to North Carolina to find the latest and greatest; keep your eyes peeled for reimagined traditional pieces.

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